Paragon Heights (B&R) Land Usage

The Business & Residential Mixed Land (B&R) zone serves the purpose of accommodating a combination of residential and commercial activities in areas with high-density development potential.

The primary function is facilitating mixed retail commercial and commercial office spaces, promoting a diverse range of land uses. In this zone, the prevalent housing construction style is mainly apartments.

Business & Residential Mixed Land is strategically located adjacent to the layout of business offices, providing residential services to the business district and complementing commercial and business events in the area. This integration fosters a dynamic environment where residents can conveniently access commercial facilities while businesses benefit from the presence of nearby residential communities.

In the prestigious “Paragon Heights” Business and Residential (B&R) society, an exceptional commercial value is showcased, especially in the zone where five-star hotels and other high-profile residential and commercial buildings are planned to cater to the needs of airlines passengers and their crews.

The construction options within this zone encompass a wide range of opportunities, including:

Business Offices or Commercial and Airlines support services.


Hotels and Restaurants


Hostels, Dormitories, Boarding and Lodging houses, and Welfare Institutions.


All activities permissible in Primary Residential and Mixed Residential areas.


Clinics, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Nursing Homes, and other Health facilities.


Departmental stores and organized markets.


Assembly Halls, Community Halls, and Multiplex complexes along roads.

Amidst the opulence of Paragon Heights, this specific zone stands out as a hub of commercial and residential excellence, serving the discerning needs of the business community and the airlines passengers and crews with top-tier hospitality offerings and world-class facilities.

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