Paragon Heights (B&R) Society

A Premier Destination for Diverse Commercial and Residential Opportunities

“Exquisite Opportunities for Varied Commercial and Residential Experiences”

Welcome to Paragon Heights (B&R) Society, where we take immense pride in presenting a rich selection of commercial and residential options designed to cater to the diverse preferences and requirements of our esteemed residents. Delve into the enticing possibilities available across our exclusive plot categories.

Paragon Heights has strategically organized its plots into distinct categories, ensuring a seamless blend of business ventures and residential dreams. These categories include:

Types of Plots:

Diamond Commercial Block: (100% Commercial)

Diamond Commercial Block
  • Exclusive Hotel Focus: Diamond Commercial Block reserves six plots (1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, and 5) exclusively for commercial use, with a specific emphasis on hotel construction.
  • Prime Location Advantage: Positioned along 500 and 600 feet Broadways in the TRAFFIC & UTILITIES BUFFER LAND (TB) zone, offering an ideal location for upscale hotel construction.
  • Impressive Building Potential: The prime location permits the construction of notable G+5 commercial buildings, providing a spacious and impressive setting for five-star hotels.
  • Versatile Commercial Spaces: Ground-floor shops cater to airline offices, business offices, and restaurants, offering a flexible and upscale commercial opportunity tailored for five-star hotel amenities.
Diamond Commercial Block
Gold Commercial Block

Gold Commercial Block: (100% Commercial)

Gold Commercial Block
  • Prime Location: Gold Crest Commercial Block is located on a vibrant 500 feet road within the TRAFFIC & UTILITIES BUFFER LAND (TB) zone, offering high visibility.
  • Versatile Plots: 19 plots (Nos. 6 to 24), each 600 sq. yards, allow for G+5 commercial buildings, providing great flexibility.
  • Diverse Possibilities: Ideal for various commercial purposes, including hotels, restaurants, departmental stores, organized markets, hospitals/clinics, business offices, airline offices, and more.
  • Exclusive Designation: Tailored for commercial use, Gold Crest Commercial Block ensures premium infrastructure for upscale establishments in a well-connected location.


Garden Facing Premier Commercial and Residential Block 1 (33% Commercial and 67% Residential)

Garden Facing Premier Commercial
  • Mixed-Use Excellence: Premier Garden-Facing Block 1 blends 33% commercial and 67% residential spaces in 17 plots (Nos. 25-41), providing a harmonious mix overlooking parks and the main road.
  • Adaptable Commercial Zones: Ground and mezzanine floors in this block are dedicated to commercial use, offering flexibility for restaurants, stores, markets, airline offices, and business offices.
  • Luxury Residences: Sophisticated towers house four residential floors with varied apartment sizes, including top-floor penthouses boasting expansive spaces and breathtaking panoramic views.
  • Tailored for Airlines: Uniquely designed as an exceptional residence for airlines and staff, it seamlessly combines commercial versatility with luxurious living spaces.
Garden Facing Premier Commercial
Garden Facing Premier Commercial

Garden Facing Premier Commercial and Residential Block 2 (16% Commercial and 84% Residential)

Garden Facing Premier Commercial
  • Mixed-Use Elegance: Premier Garden-Facing Block 2 combines 16% commercial and 84% residential on seven plots (Nos. 51A, 51 to 56), offering unique size and charm.
  • Tranquil Setting: Positioned facing parks and the main road, it provides an enticing opportunity for harmonious integration of ground-floor commercial spaces with five residential floors in magnificent towers.
  • Commercial Appeal: Tailored for appealing establishments, the commercial spaces are suitable for restaurants, departmental stores, and organized markets.
  • Luxurious Residences: The five residential floors accommodate varied-sized apartments, with opulent penthouses at the tower’s pinnacle, offering spacious living and panoramic vistas, ideal for airline staff and discerning families.

Garden Facing Premier Residential Block 1 (100% Residential)

Premier Residential Block
  • Scenic Residential Haven: Premier Garden-Facing Block 1 comprises nine plots (Nos. 42 to 50), offering charming residential living overlooking scenic parks and a serene road.
  • Tower Elegance: Introducing ground-plus-five-floor towers, this category unveils meticulously designed apartments of various sizes, catering to diverse residential preferences.
  • Inviting Atmosphere: Each floor hosts thoughtfully crafted apartments, creating an inviting living environment that caters to a variety of residential preferences.
  • Luxurious Penthouses: Crowned at the summit of each tower, penthouses offer luxurious and spacious living with sweeping panoramic vistas, enhancing the charm of this residential enclave.
Premier Residential Block
Premier Residential

Premier Residential Block 2 (100% Residential)

Premier Residential
  • Elegant Residential Enclave: Premier Residential Block 2, with 100% residential focus across 17 plots (Nos. 57 to 73), stands gracefully facing the vibrant road.
  • Inviting Living Experience: Featuring ground-plus-five-floor residential towers, this category exemplifies elegance and comfort, creating an inviting residential living experience.
  • Diverse Living Options: Each floor acts as a canvas for crafting apartments of varying sizes, offering a diverse range of living options to cater to various preferences.
  • Luxurious Penthouses: Penthouses, commanding attention at the tower summits, ensure luxurious and spacious living, complemented by captivating panoramic views, adding to the allure of this residential block.