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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been a cornerstone of Pakistan’s economic strategy since its inception in 2013. This $54 billion development program, part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has promised transformative changes, particularly for Gwadar, a strategic port city in Balochistan​​​​.

A Decade of Development

As CPEC completes its first decade, the project stands as a testament to the strong China-Pakistan partnership. While the governments of both countries hail CPEC as a success story, its impact on the ground, especially in Gwadar, has been a mix of opportunities and challenges​​​​.

Economic Uplift in Gwadar

Gwadar has been at the forefront of CPEC projects. Significant achievements include the completion of 18 major development projects in record time. These projects have led to an impressive increase in cargo landing at Gwadar port – from 166,207 metric tons between 2018-2021 to 637,124 metric tons recently. Such developments underscore Gwadar’s growing importance as a regional maritime and trade hub​​.

Infrastructure and Community Development

Under CPEC, Gwadar has seen extensive infrastructure development. Key projects include the Gwadar Power Plant and the distribution of 2,000 boat engines to local fishermen, enhancing the city’s energy capacity and supporting its fishing industry. Additionally, the Khuzdar-Panjgur Transmission line, part of the CPEC, is set to improve the region’s connectivity and energy distribution​​.

Challenges and Local Perspectives

Despite these achievements, the reality on the ground in Gwadar has raised concerns. Residents have expressed mixed feelings about the impact of these developments, voicing the need for a more inclusive approach that addresses local needs and ensures equitable benefits from these mega projects.


CPEC’s influence on Gwadar is undeniable, bringing infrastructure development and economic opportunities. However, the path forward requires balancing these advancements with the needs and aspirations of the local community. As CPEC enters its second decade, the focus should be on ensuring that the benefits of these initiatives are more evenly distributed, contributing to sustainable and inclusive growth in Gwadar and beyond.

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