Gwadar Airport

The Inception of NGIA

The development of the New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) represents a significant milestone in Pakistan’s aviation and economic landscape. Set to become operational in the near future, this airport is poised to have a profound impact on the region.

Scheduled to be operational by September 2023, the NGIA, a $246 million project, is an ambitious endeavor covering an area of 4,300 acres​​​​. This greenfield airport, financed in part by the Chinese government under the Belt and Road Initiative, is not just an infrastructure project but a symbol of the burgeoning economic cooperation between China and Pakistan​​.

Features and Capabilities

Upon completion, NGIA will be the second-largest airport in Pakistan, equipped to handle a range of aircraft including ATR 72, Airbus A-300, and Boeing B-747 on both domestic and international routes​​. This capability underlines the airport’s potential as a significant hub for regional and international air traffic, enhancing Gwadar’s connectivity to the world.

Economic and Regional Impact

The launch of NGIA is expected to catalyze economic growth in Gwadar and its surrounding areas. With enhanced connectivity, the region will likely see an influx of business and tourism, which can stimulate local economies. The airport is also anticipated to play a crucial role in the real estate sector, potentially increasing the demand and value of nearby properties, including residential societies.

A Gateway to Opportunities

NGIA is more than just an airport; it’s a gateway to new opportunities. It’s expected to create numerous jobs, not only in aviation but in related sectors such as hospitality, retail, and logistics. This employment generation can lead to a demographic shift, with more people moving to the area for work, thereby accelerating urban development.


The New Gwadar International Airport stands as a beacon of progress and development. Its operationalization will mark a new era for Gwadar, transforming it into a key economic and logistic hub in the region. As the airport gears up for its grand opening, the eyes of the world, especially those invested in the Belt and Road Initiative, will be keenly watching this momentous development unfold.

Gwadar Airport
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